My Mind vs My Heart (Part 3)

“I put my adventure shoes on, I was going to discover me.”

Now, that I was focusing on improving my life, I was slowly starting to put things in order. I was having more time for myself. I let all the people who didn’t serve me well out of my life. In this silence and loneliness, I was going to rest my head. I was taking this time for a long recovery because I was very broken.

In this recovery time of mine, I was meditating often. I started reading many books. I was reading two books in one week. I read many great authors From Eckhart Tolle to Robin Sharma, Gabrielle Bernstein to Dr.Wayne. All of these books helped me to see the beauty of our journeys. I could feel the harmonic motion now.

Starting this recovery was a wise decision that I’ve made for myself. During this calm time, I got to know myself a little better. Discovery to my soul unrevealed many colors of me. Now, I was understanding my qualities and how much I can achieve if I put my mind into it.

This discovery has led me to my true purpose. I’ve realized that I want to create for humanity. I want my job to allow me to do remarkable things for humanity. I dream of a job where I am joyful and creating for people. Because,I also want to take care of my spirit while I am doing my job and providing for my family. My body is going to die one day but my spirit won’t. I choose to heal my spirit through this body I was given. My body gives me life, life gives experience to my spirit. Therefore, I am grateful for my life. I am ready to find my heaven on earth.

I get it. Some days, they are not as bright, as others. Some days, fear falls into our hearts like fire. My mother describes that feeling as three cows sitting right on her chest. I still have those fear moments here and there but I don’t have it for every single thing now. I used to. However, even in those days, I learned to jump out of the bed. Because getting up from the bed was getting me closer to my dreams.

This spirit of mine, turned out to be an explorer. She turned out to be smart, hard-worker, and believer. I was hiding all my precious feelings inside me, to be normal, to be accepted. I don’t even remember the name of the person who I was trying to gain acceptance from.
Then why did I hide the real me?

Because I was scared to be a “loser”. I wanted to have it all. I wanted to be accepted and be normal. I was ok to live for others authorization. I held my spirit hostage in my body. If I didn’t surrender and accept myself in the first place, how could I let me out?

Now , I focus mostly on being a good person to myself and others. I am in comfort knowing that the rest will reveal to me with ease.

There is a magic in wanting to be a good person.

Open your heart and let the miracles flow.

The End
Millennial Hippie

Un-Falling for You

It’s lovely to have a company. You come home and you have someone to eat dinner with or to talk with. The comfort it presents is priceless, especially if you are feeling lonely.

A partner is very nice to have no lies but is your partner the best one for you? Are you feeling yourself with this person? That’s the part where you should be honest with yourself.
It is important to choose your life partner wisely.


Because, you lie with dogs, you rise with fleas.

Who you choose as your partner is important because this person is going to be a parent to your children. Because, this person will wake up right next to you every day for the rest of your life. You will attend many events together from the fun ones to vulnerable ones. You will also go through many challenges together. It is a whole journey called “life” you are choosing to take with this person.

In my dating life, I constantly come along with men who comes off as a very confident, joyful person at first.It makes me want to ask God, what have I done to deserve this guy. I hit the clouds. While after, when things starts getting more exclusive, I see these guys get too comfortable with me, and when that comfort hits, the growing stops. If I want to grow, how can I be in constant contact with someone who is not open to grow.

Well, I didn’t understand it before.I was acting as finding love was the biggest achievement in my destiny, I threw away my dreams each time and got into cruise mode.


We were thought to get into the “cruise” mode with our partners. At least that’s what it was like growing up in Turkey. We have thought everything had a time limit. You are supposed to graduate at a certain age, be married by a certain age, or otherwise, people are going to think you are the “problem” one. It was already planned for most of us.

Man and woman lose their powerful, pure energy in relationships to reach society’s standards. The relationships they are practicing to be accepted by society. True love requires harmony. True love flows. In your relationship with your true love, you grow together. You don’t get into argument over small things. You don’t yell your problems to your partner. You simply accept your person for who she/he is.

What I am trying to say is, you are important so is your dreams. Don’t let someone not qualified for you, ever take that away from you. I did and it didn’t serve me any good. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. You are beautiful just the way you were created. Don’t get under the pressure of having a partner. If your partner is taking your energy, it is not good for you. If they are not serving you well, they have to go. So you can shift your energy back to yourself.

All my dating stories has thought me that I am powerful, I am free, I am joy. No one can take that away from me.I will never betray myself again to find love.I take care of my heart now, therefore I vibe higher. When I vibe higher, I get one step closer to my soulmate.

Stay with love, hope and joy.

Millennial Hippie