Late Night Mix

Chapter 1: The Prisoner

Who stops us from being free? We blame the government, we blame the weather, we blame our parents, we blame religion we blame God. Who really stops us from being free?

Don Miguel Ruiz- The Four Agreements

I love chatting with random people. Since I was little I’ve never felt hesitant to talk to a stranger because I love hearing other’s perspectives about different subjects. Different people have different answers to questions. If you were to go ask 100 people the same question, All one-hundred of them would answer it differently.

Isn’t it breathtaking?

It is. In fact, it is proof that we are all unique and we all have different stories to tell. We have different opinions, different cultures, belief systems. There is not another one of you. You are one and only. There might be people who you are going through similar journeys, but I bet you their story is a little different than yours. You are unique to yourself both in spirit and body.

Here is where I raise question marks; if we are all different than why we are having such a hard time speaking about our differences? Why we are constantly trying to cover up for our shortcomings? Why we are acting as nothing bad happened to us or as if we were never broken before?

In my opinion, we are being forced to look happy no matter what is happening in our lives. We were thought to look happy even when we are going through something rough. We have banned the vulnerability of our society. We are constantly being forced to “Keeping our shit together”. In fact systems (From small systems like family to big systems like governments) want us to constantly chase safety and easier lives. Walk into grocery stores today, you will see a lot of product which has a label of “Ready in 3-5 minutes” or drive to the closest fast-food chain at lunch time,lines are massive. Why?

Because we are busy being busy. We have time for everything and anyone else but ourselves. We are the prisoner of our own bodies and mind. How funny, because we were born for exactly opposite reasons. We weren’t born with an expensive belt but we desire an expensive belt. We always want to be better but we don’t want to thrive. We just want to have it all by giving out very little. I have seen many people, who blamed the system sitting in their comfortable couch, eating their fave junk food, or hypnotizing the brain with alcohol and drugs. I have seen many people who are prisoners in the cycles they have created. Including me.

But the more I have failed in life because of these cycles the more I have realized these cycles do not define who I am within my heart. These cycles are someone else’s projections in my life and I have no desire to play their show in my life anymore. In order to cut their shows, I had to cut my losses with these people a lot. I had to lose many people in order to break these cycles (This method is also called Sunk Cost in the economy). I had to sit alone with crumbling anxiety in my stomach for hours, at a time, for days or months but it is ok, it is all worth it. Now, my heart feels free than ever before. The more I accept my reality, the more I feel the heaven on earth. So my friend today change starts within you. God is within you. Don’t search for it anywhere else. You can too live in your dream. You are the dreamer of your own dream. Take care of that dream.

Accept who you are, set yourself free from judgment and fear. Manifest your desires.

The Millennial Hippie

My Mind vs My Heart (Part 4)

To the spark of madness in me that keeps me alive…

At the age of 22, the commitment I’ve made the spiritualism and self-growth were going well. I was changing a lot of lazy habits of mine. I cut off t.v from my life. I was going into 100% speed. I was waking up at 5 A.M, meditating, going to the gym, working with my clients, and going to engineering school full time. I was ready and committed to this journey.

At the same time, I was trying to socialize and make time for my people too. I was rolling out late with friends after a very tiring week, and I was working on the weekends. I was simply not making enough time for sleep. Was I aware of it by then? Hell no, I thought I found the secret formula to life’s golden ticket. I was like a freaking zombie filled up with anxiety.

Now that in my life, I wasn’t over-consuming food or alcohol, I was over-consuming time to achieve my dreams faster. I wasn’t surprised by the fact I was over-consuming in different ways because over consuming has always been my weak-side and it is really hard to recognize it. My love for consumption made me search for comfort in all different places.

I was not happy with me. I was struggling hard. I couldn’t handle this sad girl inside of me. I’ve made judgments to other people out of my fear. I’ve made the judgement to myself out of fear. I didn’t put me first. I was aching, hurting, crying but didn’t know how to express it. Don’t get me wrong. I knew I had to go deeper, but I was scared to go deeper. I knew I would face an issue if I dig more in there. Therefore, I did my best to ignore that pain by trying to improve my money and power and status.

I acted as I knew everything, but came to a realization very quickly that ” All I know is that I don’t know anything.”

Since I wanted to ignore all the sadness on earth and tried my best to keep my focus on being “happy” all the time, I believed I was happy. In most miserable situations, I thought I had to be happy with it and I simply ignored the situation.

Well, the crazy pandemic has arrived. Where we were asked to drop all the madness and spend time with ourselves at home. The earth needed a big break and sent us back to our cribs. Because of years of abuse to earth was not taken seriously by many, unless it directly threatened their daily lives. Because of struggling and poverty, many lost lives went through a very hard time and still is going through.

I ended up staying at home too but the problem was that I couldn’t sit with myself. I couldn’t stand sitting here with myself, because I wanted to ignore my problems. I wanted to ignore listening to myself. I was trying to burn down the spiritual fire in me to cover for my problems and get myself “safe”. I was seeking a lot of safety because I wasn’t feeling safe anymore. I was rushing to secure my life, as my life was a fireplace but deep down I had to learn to be fine with myself.

Finally, with the help of a great mentor in my life, I came to the realization that I wasn’t accepting my true self at all. It started to feel good to own myself and put myself first. I made a commitment to myself to be my authentic self. My mistakes, my failures, my bad and good side I love myself for who I am. In a word of eight billion people, I don’t need to be a perfect one. I just need to be myself. The rest will reveal to me.

The End


My Top 5 Book Selection For Personal Growth

Robin Sharma / 5 A.M CLUB

If you are seeking to increase your daily productivity, this is your guide. The best part is, this book is a fiction. Robin Sharma shares his years of wisdom and mentoring through a calming perspective. The homeless, the entrepreneur, and the artist shares a blissful journey of love. You are getting a world-class leader mentorship with a beautiful story by Robin Sharma.

Don Miguel Ruiz /The Four Agreements

This book is full of love. Don Miguel Ruiz shares the four golden rules about creating a life to your truth. His wisdom about inner peace and self-love is beyond limits. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for the foundations and guidance for a life you desire.

Glennon Doyle /Untamed

Ah, my heart was melting as I was reading this book. She is very pure, raw, and clear with her language and with the openness of her HEART! Untamed is a book where Glennon Doyle shares her personal story with no regret and no judgment. She invites you to unleash yourself and to be who you meant to be. Glennon Doyle is a neighbor, I dream of having. An amazing act of Feminism-Humanism. This is one of those books that makes you both cry and laugh. True Art Piece (Inside and outside, I love the cover of this book, it is amazing for displaying.)

Long Walk to Freedom / Nelson Mandela

These days a story of Nelson Mandela is what we need to read to truly understand the struggle for communities. He was born to be a freedom fighter. He was a hard-worker by heart and have seen many struggles in his life. No matter what happened, he always found the courage to keep fighting to protect his people. I relate to this story very much because still to this day in many countries on Earth, whoever tries to speak up for rights and freedom they get judged and punished heavily. I encourage you to read his story to observe what a true believer looks like.

Supper Attractor / Gabriella Bernstein

If you are seeking a relief from anxiety this is what’s hot right now. Gabriella Bernstein is more of a Hipster and Spiritual lady who just followed her heart to create a life that she desired. In supper attractor she talks about how coming free from judgement helps you build a life you desire. She shares many stories from her journey. She pushes you to see the brighter side of the story. There are also great meditations in this book.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you enjoy my selection.

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My Dear Companion: Anxiety

What do you do when you are in extremely anxious situations?

Do you cry?

Do you want to disappear?

I am the type who instantly goes into “I don’t want to be alive anymore.” mode. As one can say, flight mode.

I used to go into flight mod for every little challenge in my life way too often. For example, one time I and my mother were visiting her friend. I vividly remember playing by myself in the living room, while adults were hanging out in the kitchen. There were really big interesting plates on display.(The one’s your mother in law buys for you when you get married.) Behind these fancy plates there were box of chocolate. While I was trying to reach for that chocolate, I was almost going to break one of those China plates that were on display. It moved but It didn’t fell or break. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t scared. I was very scared and didn’t know what to do. I immediately hide behind the sofa.

A little later, my mother started calling my name. I was hearing her but I couldn’t respond to her. She kept calling my name. I wasn’t going to come out. She was extremely worried. All these ladies were very worried. At some point they left the house to search for me. They even looked if I felt from the balcony as we were in a very high building.
I couldn’t make a single noise but I was worried about my mother. My body was locked. I couldn’t speak or I couldn’t move. After they left the house, I quickly moved under the dining table. When they came back, they saw me. My mother just hit her knees to the floor and started crying.

Now, I am 23. I still find myself in extremely anxious situations quiet often. Not that I am looking for trouble but the life of a hustler baby (!) There is always something to take care of, there are my mistakes and failures. I have failed at many, many, many things because of my wild decisions and I spent restless nights because of my problems.

When I am facing my fears, I am not the nicest person to be around. I feel tired, I feel sad. I turn into a cry baby at first. I cripple up in my fear, and I don’t want to get out of the bed. I don’t want to eat or drink. I turn into a plant because there are deep thoughts in my head. Also a good way to admit that I am a control freak and when things are out of my control, I lose it.

What my experiences have thought me is that fears are there. During these wild situations, I mostly get to face my fears.Fears are in us, and those fears are the ones that tell us what we can’t achieve and what we are not enough for.

One of my favorite authors Robin Sharma says that “Any fear you don’t face becomes your wall.” I believe in that. Fear is learned. In fact the moment we were born we were thought fear. We have an extreme amount of fear because of the highly loaded judgement and comparison on Earth.

Therefore, today I encourage you to face your fears. If something bad is happening, I understand how upsetting it could be but try your hardest to show up for your day. We are simply human beings in this madness and we need believers to heal altogether. If you’ve done something bad, show up for it, own your mistake. Maybe that mistake is the biggest gift your life could give you.

When there is no rain, there is no rainbow.

Make a promise to yourself to show up for yourself today. Ask for miracles at the moment where you are not feeling enough. Let the universe handle, what you can’t handle for yourself. Stay with love, surrender with love.

The End

Millennial Hippie

We Born Naked, We Die Naked.

There has been an event. Where one man was killed by another man in the middle of the street. The one that was killing seemed very comfortable with his judgement. The ones who were watching didn’t stop him. The one who was dying seamed extremely uncomfortable, worried, and horrified. He was begging for his life. Although his ears were perfectly capable of hearing the other man’s begging, he ignored him.


Because his ego denied that voice. His ego told him “Do it! That’s what he deserves. Such a disgrace.” The man could simply remove his knee. But no, he was going to kill this guy right there while placing his hands in his pocket because in his justice that’s what this man has deserved. He wanted to show how easy it was done.The man listened to the ego because his guidance was not love, his guidance was ego. He was relying on his ego for acceptance.

What happened now?

One man is dead, one man is in jail.

The madness for “power” has driven one man crazy that he had to kill another man right there to mark his territory.

The man didn’t understand the fact that his nature is not created around power, his nature is love. In his nature, there is listening and there is compassion but he couldn’t see it, the ego was blocking that thought for him.

Power is the ego’s biggest perception and ego is the number one projection of fear. Fear made the man believe in the ego because his ego was very powerful. Fear made him believe that if he killed an innocent man right there at ease, he would be respected and accepted.

Who wants to be powerful when there is no joy, health, or happiness? If you create your identity around “power” and acceptance of others, how are you going to find the real you? If you don’t connect to yourself and turn back to love, you are not going to heal yourself. That what you were created for. Healing is important in the journey of self-love. The more you love yourself, the more you are capable of loving others, accepting others.

Your wealth is not going to come with you when your body is dead. The wealth is in the heart. Open your heart first to yourself than to your people with no judgment and fear. Let the love flow. So all of us can flow because in total we ore “one”.

The End

Millennial Hippie

My Mind vs My Heart (Part 3)

“I put my adventure shoes on, I was going to discover me.”

Now, that I was focusing on improving my life, I was slowly starting to put things in order. I was having more time for myself. I let all the people who didn’t serve me well out of my life. In this silence and loneliness, I was going to rest my head. I was taking this time for a long recovery because I was very broken.

In this recovery time of mine, I was meditating often. I started reading many books. I was reading two books in one week. I read many great authors From Eckhart Tolle to Robin Sharma, Gabrielle Bernstein to Dr.Wayne. All of these books helped me to see the beauty of our journeys. I could feel the harmonic motion now.

Starting this recovery was a wise decision that I’ve made for myself. During this calm time, I got to know myself a little better. Discovery to my soul unrevealed many colors of me. Now, I was understanding my qualities and how much I can achieve if I put my mind into it.

This discovery has led me to my true purpose. I’ve realized that I want to create for humanity. I want my job to allow me to do remarkable things for humanity. I dream of a job where I am joyful and creating for people. Because,I also want to take care of my spirit while I am doing my job and providing for my family. My body is going to die one day but my spirit won’t. I choose to heal my spirit through this body I was given. My body gives me life, life gives experience to my spirit. Therefore, I am grateful for my life. I am ready to find my heaven on earth.

I get it. Some days, they are not as bright, as others. Some days, fear falls into our hearts like fire. My mother describes that feeling as three cows sitting right on her chest. I still have those fear moments here and there but I don’t have it for every single thing now. I used to. However, even in those days, I learned to jump out of the bed. Because getting up from the bed was getting me closer to my dreams.

This spirit of mine, turned out to be an explorer. She turned out to be smart, hard-worker, and believer. I was hiding all my precious feelings inside me, to be normal, to be accepted. I don’t even remember the name of the person who I was trying to gain acceptance from.
Then why did I hide the real me?

Because I was scared to be a “loser”. I wanted to have it all. I wanted to be accepted and be normal. I was ok to live for others authorization. I held my spirit hostage in my body. If I didn’t surrender and accept myself in the first place, how could I let me out?

Now , I focus mostly on being a good person to myself and others. I am in comfort knowing that the rest will reveal to me with ease.

There is a magic in wanting to be a good person.

Open your heart and let the miracles flow.

The End
Millennial Hippie


Guys, if you are looking for a fit waffle recipe, you are in the right place. Your tummy will thank you for this treat.

I’ve made the healthiest but the yummiest waffle ever. I bought this little applicant from target and it was only 10$. If you don’t have a waffle maker, no sweat. You can use this recipe for pancakes also. This is a supper easy recipe, it will be ready to eat in less than 10 minutes. Here is a quick video for you.

Ingredients (For two-three 4″ waffles):

2 table spoon coconut flour ( It could any gluten free flour.)

1 egg

1/4 table spoon baking soda

1/2 tea spoon olive oil

2/3 cup of almond milk (If you want it more fluffy use 1/4 cup)

Fresh blueberries (optional)

1 tea spoon vanilla (optional)


  1. Bring all the ingredients together in a medium bowl.
  2. Shake it up.
  3. Spray your waffle iron with your favorite oil.
  4. Pour it on the waffle iron.
  5. Use a healthy topping of your choice.
  6. Enjoy 🙂

If you ever try this recipe, left a comment. I want to know how yours turned out. This is how mine came out.


Un-Falling for You

It’s lovely to have a company. You come home and you have someone to eat dinner with or to talk with. The comfort it presents is priceless, especially if you are feeling lonely.

A partner is very nice to have no lies but is your partner the best one for you? Are you feeling yourself with this person? That’s the part where you should be honest with yourself.
It is important to choose your life partner wisely.


Because, you lie with dogs, you rise with fleas.

Who you choose as your partner is important because this person is going to be a parent to your children. Because, this person will wake up right next to you every day for the rest of your life. You will attend many events together from the fun ones to vulnerable ones. You will also go through many challenges together. It is a whole journey called “life” you are choosing to take with this person.

In my dating life, I constantly come along with men who comes off as a very confident, joyful person at first.It makes me want to ask God, what have I done to deserve this guy. I hit the clouds. While after, when things starts getting more exclusive, I see these guys get too comfortable with me, and when that comfort hits, the growing stops. If I want to grow, how can I be in constant contact with someone who is not open to grow.

Well, I didn’t understand it before.I was acting as finding love was the biggest achievement in my destiny, I threw away my dreams each time and got into cruise mode.


We were thought to get into the “cruise” mode with our partners. At least that’s what it was like growing up in Turkey. We have thought everything had a time limit. You are supposed to graduate at a certain age, be married by a certain age, or otherwise, people are going to think you are the “problem” one. It was already planned for most of us.

Man and woman lose their powerful, pure energy in relationships to reach society’s standards. The relationships they are practicing to be accepted by society. True love requires harmony. True love flows. In your relationship with your true love, you grow together. You don’t get into argument over small things. You don’t yell your problems to your partner. You simply accept your person for who she/he is.

What I am trying to say is, you are important so is your dreams. Don’t let someone not qualified for you, ever take that away from you. I did and it didn’t serve me any good. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. You are beautiful just the way you were created. Don’t get under the pressure of having a partner. If your partner is taking your energy, it is not good for you. If they are not serving you well, they have to go. So you can shift your energy back to yourself.

All my dating stories has thought me that I am powerful, I am free, I am joy. No one can take that away from me.I will never betray myself again to find love.I take care of my heart now, therefore I vibe higher. When I vibe higher, I get one step closer to my soulmate.

Stay with love, hope and joy.

Millennial Hippie

The New Trend Ecstasy: Meditation

Dear Meditation, Thank you for helping me to stay sane and to see the brighter side each day.

It was a very hot summer day outside. Bored from the party Blair and Luna were chatting by the pool;

B:If I could only talk enough about the importance of meditation, then I would.

L: What does meditation mean Blair?

B: Oh, Meditation is a practice where you use different techniques to calm your mind and to welcome awareness to your body and to your mind.It is the time that you take for your self each day from the world around you and expectations from you.

L:Wow, that sounds very refreshing, but no, thanks! I prefer to refresh with a glass of moscato hun! Sitting in silence even for one minute is very hard.

B:I feel you, it is hard. When there are racing thoughts in your head about your problems, it is hard to sit still in silence. The anxiety, and the stress your problems are causing you, I get it. When there is a lot of anxiety and stress build up in your life, you start seeing events from fear based perspective.This perspective takes the joy away from life.When joy is not your priority, you start loosing your connection with your heart.The weakening of the connection you have with yourself causes you to lose hope and believe towards yourself.Which is really easy to do so these days, because of the crazy expectations the society have on us.

L:Sometimes I do feel overwhelmed with my life. I feel like I can’t take it anymore. I just want to escape.

B:That’s exactly where meditation comes handy because meditating daily can help you to clear your precious mind, and can help you to make more clear decisions through out the day. Better decisions, better you. No joke homie. The moment you want to connect with your spirit, the moment you show your middle finger to suffering and open your heart to freedom. God is within you, only if you want to feel it in your heart.The spirit you have buried because of the the expectations from you, is still alive in that grave. I promise you it is. It is still as beautiful and as alive as the day it was buried.

My entire student life, I’ve struggled with extreme stress and anxiety. In college it became worse because my responsibilities shifted incredibly. In 2019 spring semester, my GPA was 2.0 in engineering school. That 2019 summer, I decided it was time to show up for myself instead of others. I’ve started meditation. At first, It was too hard to even close my eyes for 30 seconds and sit still but I kept going.

L:What happened when you kept going?

Well, you say magic, I say heaven on earth. Meditation thought me sometimes slow is the smoothest for you. Taking a step back and focusing on the inner you, can help you to dig into yourself, where you will find a lot of treasures. Here is the list of some of the treasures I’ve found through meditation:

Myself, I got to know myself better. It is easier to spot things that are good or bad for you when you are in mental clarity with yourself.

It thought me gratitude by making me understand how important is a single breath of mine because without it my body wouldn’t be alive.

Beside many things, meditation has taught me PATIENCE. As a libra, I can say 99% why things were failing apart in my life was, because of my low patience. Being patient was something I had to work on. After 3-4 months after meditation, I started doing way better in school. A year later my G.P.A was now 3.0. Learning more about patience, I’ve learned to control my power because without control, your power is danger.

Thanks to meditation, I can take life one day at a time now. If someone told me I could change my life by sitting in silence frequently, I would have laughed to hard two years ago, now I wonder what I’ve done without meditation all these years.

L: It seems like meditation has taught you a lot of valuable lessons in life. I want to be more involved with meditation too, I feel like with all the problems I have with my job and my boyfriend, I could use some guidance now. Where do you like to meditate?

B: I like to meditate pretty much anywhere but my favorite spot is my meditation corner at home. I actually have a picture of it, let me show it to you.

(Blair pulls her phone out.)

This the corner I’ve created for me time in my home.
L: Blair, this looks absolutely fab! This is a great idea, having a corner for me time sounds nice. Thank you for brightening my world about this Blair, it means a lot. I am ready to work on my problems.
B: My pleasure my dear, I hope you work out your issues soon. It was so nice to chat with you but I need to leave now. See you soon.

The End

Millennial Hippie

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Ginger and Honey

The day is almost over. We are officially about to be done with May 20 forever. With everything it has brought and everything it has taken, it is going away.

How was your day?

Did you have fun?

Did you cry?

Are you upset or are you happy?

Are you confused?

However are you feeling?

I want you to be honest with yourself and embrace the beauty of your feelings. Accept yourself regardless of what happened today.

If you have failed today don’t worry, because there have been many people who have failed before they achieved. No rain, no rainbow.

If you have accomplished today, celebrate yourself because you’ve made it. You are worth to be celebrated even when there are people who are keeping you from honoring yourself.

Go to bed tonight knowing that today is over. You can’t bring back today. What happened has already happened, you can’t change it. Now, you have tomorrow. The whole fresh tomorrow. How you want to feel tomorrow is up to you. You are in charge of your happiness. Happiness is a choice.

Fell your heart and ask your heart how you want to react on things.Your heart has the right answer.

As I am saying good night to you, I want you to know that there are many difficult situations out there. Tonight remember to be grateful for what you have given. If you have a shelter and running water you are better off than many people.

Tonight put your hands on your heart and remember what you were most grateful today.
Tomorrow is your day and I hope you have an amazing day.


Millennial Hippie