Late Night Mix

Chapter 1: The Prisoner

Who stops us from being free? We blame the government, we blame the weather, we blame our parents, we blame religion we blame God. Who really stops us from being free?

Don Miguel Ruiz- The Four Agreements

I love chatting with random people. Since I was little I’ve never felt hesitant to talk to a stranger because I love hearing other’s perspectives about different subjects. Different people have different answers to questions. If you were to go ask 100 people the same question, All one-hundred of them would answer it differently.

Isn’t it breathtaking?

It is. In fact, it is proof that we are all unique and we all have different stories to tell. We have different opinions, different cultures, belief systems. There is not another one of you. You are one and only. There might be people who you are going through similar journeys, but I bet you their story is a little different than yours. You are unique to yourself both in spirit and body.

Here is where I raise question marks; if we are all different than why we are having such a hard time speaking about our differences? Why we are constantly trying to cover up for our shortcomings? Why we are acting as nothing bad happened to us or as if we were never broken before?

In my opinion, we are being forced to look happy no matter what is happening in our lives. We were thought to look happy even when we are going through something rough. We have banned the vulnerability of our society. We are constantly being forced to “Keeping our shit together”. In fact systems (From small systems like family to big systems like governments) want us to constantly chase safety and easier lives. Walk into grocery stores today, you will see a lot of product which has a label of “Ready in 3-5 minutes” or drive to the closest fast-food chain at lunch time,lines are massive. Why?

Because we are busy being busy. We have time for everything and anyone else but ourselves. We are the prisoner of our own bodies and mind. How funny, because we were born for exactly opposite reasons. We weren’t born with an expensive belt but we desire an expensive belt. We always want to be better but we don’t want to thrive. We just want to have it all by giving out very little. I have seen many people, who blamed the system sitting in their comfortable couch, eating their fave junk food, or hypnotizing the brain with alcohol and drugs. I have seen many people who are prisoners in the cycles they have created. Including me.

But the more I have failed in life because of these cycles the more I have realized these cycles do not define who I am within my heart. These cycles are someone else’s projections in my life and I have no desire to play their show in my life anymore. In order to cut their shows, I had to cut my losses with these people a lot. I had to lose many people in order to break these cycles (This method is also called Sunk Cost in the economy). I had to sit alone with crumbling anxiety in my stomach for hours, at a time, for days or months but it is ok, it is all worth it. Now, my heart feels free than ever before. The more I accept my reality, the more I feel the heaven on earth. So my friend today change starts within you. God is within you. Don’t search for it anywhere else. You can too live in your dream. You are the dreamer of your own dream. Take care of that dream.

Accept who you are, set yourself free from judgment and fear. Manifest your desires.

The Millennial Hippie

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