We Born Naked, We Die Naked.

There has been an event. Where one man was killed by another man in the middle of the street. The one that was killing seemed very comfortable with his judgement. The ones who were watching didn’t stop him. The one who was dying seamed extremely uncomfortable, worried, and horrified. He was begging for his life. Although his ears were perfectly capable of hearing the other man’s begging, he ignored him.


Because his ego denied that voice. His ego told him “Do it! That’s what he deserves. Such a disgrace.” The man could simply remove his knee. But no, he was going to kill this guy right there while placing his hands in his pocket because in his justice that’s what this man has deserved. He wanted to show how easy it was done.The man listened to the ego because his guidance was not love, his guidance was ego. He was relying on his ego for acceptance.

What happened now?

One man is dead, one man is in jail.

The madness for “power” has driven one man crazy that he had to kill another man right there to mark his territory.

The man didn’t understand the fact that his nature is not created around power, his nature is love. In his nature, there is listening and there is compassion but he couldn’t see it, the ego was blocking that thought for him.

Power is the ego’s biggest perception and ego is the number one projection of fear. Fear made the man believe in the ego because his ego was very powerful. Fear made him believe that if he killed an innocent man right there at ease, he would be respected and accepted.

Who wants to be powerful when there is no joy, health, or happiness? If you create your identity around “power” and acceptance of others, how are you going to find the real you? If you don’t connect to yourself and turn back to love, you are not going to heal yourself. That what you were created for. Healing is important in the journey of self-love. The more you love yourself, the more you are capable of loving others, accepting others.

Your wealth is not going to come with you when your body is dead. The wealth is in the heart. Open your heart first to yourself than to your people with no judgment and fear. Let the love flow. So all of us can flow because in total we ore “one”.

The End

Millennial Hippie

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