The New Trend Ecstasy: Meditation

Dear Meditation, Thank you for helping me to stay sane and to see the brighter side each day.

It was a very hot summer day outside. Bored from the party Blair and Luna were chatting by the pool;

B:If I could only talk enough about the importance of meditation, then I would.

L: What does meditation mean Blair?

B: Oh, Meditation is a practice where you use different techniques to calm your mind and to welcome awareness to your body and to your mind.It is the time that you take for your self each day from the world around you and expectations from you.

L:Wow, that sounds very refreshing, but no, thanks! I prefer to refresh with a glass of moscato hun! Sitting in silence even for one minute is very hard.

B:I feel you, it is hard. When there are racing thoughts in your head about your problems, it is hard to sit still in silence. The anxiety, and the stress your problems are causing you, I get it. When there is a lot of anxiety and stress build up in your life, you start seeing events from fear based perspective.This perspective takes the joy away from life.When joy is not your priority, you start loosing your connection with your heart.The weakening of the connection you have with yourself causes you to lose hope and believe towards yourself.Which is really easy to do so these days, because of the crazy expectations the society have on us.

L:Sometimes I do feel overwhelmed with my life. I feel like I can’t take it anymore. I just want to escape.

B:That’s exactly where meditation comes handy because meditating daily can help you to clear your precious mind, and can help you to make more clear decisions through out the day. Better decisions, better you. No joke homie. The moment you want to connect with your spirit, the moment you show your middle finger to suffering and open your heart to freedom. God is within you, only if you want to feel it in your heart.The spirit you have buried because of the the expectations from you, is still alive in that grave. I promise you it is. It is still as beautiful and as alive as the day it was buried.

My entire student life, I’ve struggled with extreme stress and anxiety. In college it became worse because my responsibilities shifted incredibly. In 2019 spring semester, my GPA was 2.0 in engineering school. That 2019 summer, I decided it was time to show up for myself instead of others. I’ve started meditation. At first, It was too hard to even close my eyes for 30 seconds and sit still but I kept going.

L:What happened when you kept going?

Well, you say magic, I say heaven on earth. Meditation thought me sometimes slow is the smoothest for you. Taking a step back and focusing on the inner you, can help you to dig into yourself, where you will find a lot of treasures. Here is the list of some of the treasures I’ve found through meditation:

Myself, I got to know myself better. It is easier to spot things that are good or bad for you when you are in mental clarity with yourself.

It thought me gratitude by making me understand how important is a single breath of mine because without it my body wouldn’t be alive.

Beside many things, meditation has taught me PATIENCE. As a libra, I can say 99% why things were failing apart in my life was, because of my low patience. Being patient was something I had to work on. After 3-4 months after meditation, I started doing way better in school. A year later my G.P.A was now 3.0. Learning more about patience, I’ve learned to control my power because without control, your power is danger.

Thanks to meditation, I can take life one day at a time now. If someone told me I could change my life by sitting in silence frequently, I would have laughed to hard two years ago, now I wonder what I’ve done without meditation all these years.

L: It seems like meditation has taught you a lot of valuable lessons in life. I want to be more involved with meditation too, I feel like with all the problems I have with my job and my boyfriend, I could use some guidance now. Where do you like to meditate?

B: I like to meditate pretty much anywhere but my favorite spot is my meditation corner at home. I actually have a picture of it, let me show it to you.

(Blair pulls her phone out.)

This the corner I’ve created for me time in my home.
L: Blair, this looks absolutely fab! This is a great idea, having a corner for me time sounds nice. Thank you for brightening my world about this Blair, it means a lot. I am ready to work on my problems.
B: My pleasure my dear, I hope you work out your issues soon. It was so nice to chat with you but I need to leave now. See you soon.

The End

Millennial Hippie

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