Ginger and Honey

The day is almost over. We are officially about to be done with May 20 forever. With everything it has brought and everything it has taken, it is going away.

How was your day?

Did you have fun?

Did you cry?

Are you upset or are you happy?

Are you confused?

However are you feeling?

I want you to be honest with yourself and embrace the beauty of your feelings. Accept yourself regardless of what happened today.

If you have failed today don’t worry, because there have been many people who have failed before they achieved. No rain, no rainbow.

If you have accomplished today, celebrate yourself because you’ve made it. You are worth to be celebrated even when there are people who are keeping you from honoring yourself.

Go to bed tonight knowing that today is over. You can’t bring back today. What happened has already happened, you can’t change it. Now, you have tomorrow. The whole fresh tomorrow. How you want to feel tomorrow is up to you. You are in charge of your happiness. Happiness is a choice.

Fell your heart and ask your heart how you want to react on things.Your heart has the right answer.

As I am saying good night to you, I want you to know that there are many difficult situations out there. Tonight remember to be grateful for what you have given. If you have a shelter and running water you are better off than many people.

Tonight put your hands on your heart and remember what you were most grateful today.
Tomorrow is your day and I hope you have an amazing day.


Millennial Hippie

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