The Modern Hippie

“In a world where you can be anything you want, who do you choose to be? I choose to be a Modern Hippie. “

Millennial Hippie

All these years hippies were introduced as dirty, lazy people with no money and no consistency but I believe there are more to hippies. These folks care for passion and happiness. They also care for a better environment, and World’s Peace. These causes are exactly what we care for or at least try to care for today!

So am I basically a hippie?

Yes, you are a hippie my friend but you are a modern hippie. A modern hippie wants better for humanity and the environment. A modern hippie has no wish but finding the joy on earth. As Eckhart Tolle would say “Finding the heaven on earth.” The mixology of the fast-growing technology and fighting the old belief, us hippies formed into a different shape. Unfortunately, we lost the connection to the hippie in us but now is the time to claim that sexy back!

Before we go any further; can you tell us more about modern hippie?

Of course! A modern hippie is not your ordinary 80’s hippie with bandana, sunglasses, and leather jacket anymore. A modern hippie is everywhere with its unique form of human body and feelings.

When it comes to personality and actions, modern hippie is a person who;

  • Lives up to his/her own truth no matter how challenging to do so.
  • Practices what he/she believes no matter what the conditions are.
  • Sees the lesson in failure.
  • Wants to create a better environment for the community.
  • He/She wakes up every day and practices his/her passion.
  • Appreciates the journey.
  • Is ready to get rid of the judgments, toxicity, and labels.
  • It is ready to heal and so she/he help others heal.
  • It is ready to glow and grow.
  • A messenger to deliver hope, love, and light to our environment.

Does this person sound like you? Even if it doesn’t sound like you, did you enjoy the person who was described above? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, I would like you to welcome you to the millennial hippie. Where we will talk about a lot of cool stuff.

Until then stay with love, hope, and confidence my friend!

The Millennial Hippie

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